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Wollay We Want The Update!

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May 8, 2019

The Monthly Update | August 2019


Let the late news streak continue for the month of August! I hope everyone had a great month of July. Its been a quiet month besides the very beginning which was covered in last months post as far as updates from Wollay. The forum however, has continued to grow in size steadily. Our member count has more than doubled and unique visitors has hit 2,300 this month. If you have been playing on the community server this month you might have noticed a lot of downtime. This was due to the testing of several different server configurations in order to find what is most stable. After two weeks of testing, PlayCW.com server's the server specs have been upgraded to double what they were before. As for the future of PlayCW, I have been working hard at implementing a user handler in order to provide a better environment on the server and ban users who only intend to bring harm to the server. I hope to have this plugin ready by the end of the month and there will be further announcements in game and on the forum when it is ready.


  • PlayCW.com server has been upgraded and the specs have been doubled!

Features Coming Soon

  • PlayCW user handler to allow for rule enforcement and a more stable server.

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I hope you all had a great July. As always if you have any suggestions for the forum or community server just let me know in the comments of this post or in your own thread some where on the forum. Thanks for reading and have a great day.
Not open for further replies.