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May 8, 2019

The Monthly Update | June 2019

Welcome to CWForums and the very first Monthly Update post. To start off with some very obvious news if you are reading this, CWForums is now open as of May, 31st 2019. The CWForums project started due to the lack of a proper way to communicate and have lasting conversations compared to how easily information gets lost on the Cube World Discord and Sub Reddit. The forum categories are heavily influenced by the original cubeworldforums.org website back from 2013. During the first few weeks, the forum will be in a "beta" state where you will most likely see large changes more often or even somethings not working as they should. If you happen to find a feature not working together please let us know in the CW Forums Discussion & Support section of the forum.


  • CWForums is open as of 5-31-19
  • play.CubeHaven.com is now playcw.com and is the Official NA Cube World server of CWForums.
Features Coming Soon
  • Rules Page - For now all content that is considered 13+ is allowed and moderated content will not result in a infraction until an official set of rules has been made. All posted content must be SFW as in no 18+ content at this time.

Community Images
On future Monthly Updates we will be featuring images from the community.

Submit your images for next month here.

Once again welcome to CWForums. As a reminder if you do have any questions, concerns, bug reports, etc, please post them in the CW Forums Discussion & Support section of the forum.
Not open for further replies.