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Steam-Release Gameplay Discussion

Corvid Crusader

New member
Oct 2, 2019
Cubeworld's release isn't what many people thought it would be, lets just start off by saying that. I used to play Cubeworld back in 2014, however too much time has passed since and I cannot remember anything. For the longest time I put down the game because I thought it was an abandoned project.

Fast forward to 2019, Wollay comes back and he pumps out a full-release for Cube World on Steam. I decided I would give this game another shot. I will be honest and say I was not very amused with the gameplay, however I know that this has to sound like a broken record by now.

With all that said the gameplay doesn't bother me, its the possibility that Wollay might leave us again if this toxicity gets out of hand. I believe Cubeworld has a lot of potential. If No-Man's Sky can do it, I'm sure Cubeworld can.
I will do my best to contribute to this forum and list off some things I personally think can be improved about the game, and hopefully with some help with the fellow forum members we can help Wollay together.

Gameplay Issues
Its time to talk about the gameplay issues. I can only speak for myself and bring up gameplay issues that I personally don't agree with. Tastes and how people enjoy the game differ, I can only hope that these are issues that people can relate with or see reason in.

#1 - Land Bound Equipment (Maybe the biggest issue there is.)
Land Bound Equipment oh boy.

Its definitely something I haven't personally seen an RPG do before. Props to Wollay for trying something out of the norm, however I feel that this is one of the most detrimental "features" in the game. Going into a different region in-game and losing all of that gear you've worked hard for is definitely a mood-killer. I can understand from a progression stand-point how this may sound like a good idea on paper, but in practice it was terrible.
In an open-world exploration game it almost feels like you are punished for exploring new regions. I feel like that this is a very bad approach.

The main reason why RPGs commonly reward players with stronger gear and XP for killing monsters is because its a traditionally sound method of letting players feel accomplished for getting further and defeating bigger threats.
Why am I explaining this? I believe Cube World should reward players FOR EXPLORING in an open world game built around exploring the map instead of punishing them for wanting to wander off.

Potential Solutions:

- Introduce a mechanic that will encourage players to embrace the true spirit of adventure.
Reward players for exploring new places and cities.
This will make players feel accomplished for going to new places and have incentive to explore the land. I recommend rewarding players with XP.

- Revise that Land-Based Gear mechanic
Right now it feels like you get punished every single time you venture into a new region. With how long it takes to acquire new gear please either lighten the penalty or make gear easier to acquire instead of having to take so much time to get this gear just to lose it again.

#2 - Game Pacing
The game's pacing is very slow. It takes a long time to get new gear due to the region-lock.
Not only that, but there isn't much else to do other than just kill things and find new places. A big portion of your time in Cube World will be spent running around the massive map. That is NOT fun.

Potential Solutions:
- The map is bigger than it needs to be. Make it smaller.
Most of your gameplay will consist of watching your character run around or fight monsters that don't reward you with anything. They are there to be annoying. (Excluding a handful that will actually give you things to make food.)

- Address the over reliance on gear.
Another problem stemming from the gear. If you really feel like it, you can spend tons of time grinding enemies for leftovers to get something semi-decent.

- Please add more things to do in this game.
The core gameplay gets amazing boring very very quick. Add base building, or farming, or something to do, literally anything. Add an arena to fight champions to acquire gear quick. This game needs some more ideas.

In Conclusion
I am sorry to say, but I heavily regret buying this game for $20 when there are games for the same price or cheaper that can give me a much better experience with my first 2 hours into the game. I would much rather be doing something else. This game is worth $10 at most with the little amount of content is has.

There is only one way to go, and that is up. I wish Wollay the best of luck with working on Cube World.
Thank you everyone for reading my post, remember to keep the posts and replies constructive. See you all on the flipside.