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Massive Security Flaw! Don't Play Your Personal Information Is At Risk!


New member
Oct 1, 2019
There is currently a bug that can be exploited to execute code which can be used to gather information since information is stored client side and it's possible to gather your personal information and lock you out of your email, buisness, banking, and other accounts!
Thanks to steam's own security measures, this damage is mitigated to only personal information and as far as I know right now that noone can access your computer directly.
Quick notes.
1. The hacker needs to join your game to execute the code, if you see someone in your game end the game immediately.
2. The code execution it's self is silent and possible that the damage has already been done without you knowing.
3. CHANGE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS if you think you've been exposed to this.
4. The information that can be gleamed from this vulnerability can allow access to anything that you've logged into during the current session of your computer. (aka you logged into amazon today, now they can too.)
5. Your photos/videos stored on your computer can't be accessed but cloud based services can be, this means that if you have a cloud service then anything stored in the cloud is vulnerable to this!

I have emailed Wollay the information needed to identify this vulnerability but have yet to hear back from him!


Staff member
May 8, 2019
A patch has been pushed. Someone must be invited to join your game now.