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Mage Staff broken


New member
Sep 28, 2019
Playing a mage character using a staff. There are a few things broken with it though :(
1. After a few hits you get the light-up thing with the ding sound, and can instantly cast your "right click" special move, right? Well, that special move with the staff is a big whirling vortex of damage. Unfortunately it goes nowhere near where I'm aiming - it almost always pops up far away from where I want it to go, rendering the class fairly useless.
2. Dodging interrupts spells already cast. It already takes too long to cast the spells, once I get the spell off if I dodge the spell instantly stops. It makes fighting anything ranged nearly impossible. I don't remember having this problem in the alpha version but that was a while ago...
3. Enemy mages with staffs seem to be able to run and cast spells at the same time - I can't though. Casting slows me to a crawl. I can't really confirm this though because I die instantly if I run into a mage.

My mage character just seems totally nerfed compared to how they were before. I have to cheese nearly every fight, dragging enemies into the high level characters and letting them fight for me. Being able to cast and move/dodge at the same time, and fixing their spells to go where they are aimed, would go a long way towards making the class fun.