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Is Cube World Coming Out Soon?


Staff member
May 8, 2019

The Monthly Update | September 2019


Wollay has been non-stop this month as far as giving us sneak peaks this last month. Which leads me to believe, is Cube World actually coming out soon??? Our first update of the month was in the form of a tweet/youtube upload of the new title screen. This was huge because the new title screen gave us a look at some new structures and some other previously unseen content. This video is shown below. Following this, Wollay updated his twitter banner to the new title screen as well. Wollay then decides he wanted to throw us some of the most amazing sneak peaks of them all and released a 16 minute video of mage game play! This can also be found below. Last but not least, there has been a content update on Cubeworld.com. While Wollay has only added an image to the website, this could be hinting that he is getting prepped to open up cubeworld.com and release the long awaited update.

In PlayCW news, recently thanks to @ChrisMiuchiz we have added a fix to make the server more stable as a whole. Though, if you have been playing at all in the last few days. The server has been constantly attacked by a user who manages to send a packet of data to crash all the clients currently connected to the server. With @ChrisMiuchiz 's help I hope to find a way to keep this from happening but it will take some time to find what the attacker is doing. Thanks for your continuing support!

Update: Thanks to @ChrisMiuchiz, PlayCW is no longer crashing connected clients due to someone attacking the server. The fix has been put live on server and you should no longer experience crashes. Thank you for your patience while we worked on this issue.


Features Coming Soon

  • PlayCW user handler (Still in progress)

Wollay Updates
twitter banner.png

Wollay's teaser have hyped up the Cube World community once again. While I would hate to get everyone's hopes up, I really do think big things are coming soon. Thanks for reading and enjoy your time on the forum.