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Cube World Closed Beta Starts September 23rd


Everyone who purchased the alpha from picroma.com will be given a closed beta steam key via their picroma.com account and instructions for redeeming the key are below.

How to obtain and redeem your steam beta key for cube world:

  1. Go to Picroma.com and login to your account. (Login Page)

  2. Click on "MY GAMES" in the top right corner.

  3. On the "MY GAMES" page you will see a section inviting you to the closed beta.

  4. Once you click steam key you will be taken to a page displaying your personal cubeworld closed beta steam key.

  5. If you need assistance activating your steam key I recommend watching a video such as this one (Youtube Link)

Look forward to playing the beta with everyone and hopefully we will see support for dedicated servers!

Cube World Update Announced!



The Cube World Update has been announced and will be released on steam! If you previously purchased Cube World you will get a steam key! Wollay expects to release the update "around the end of September/October 2019".

Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1128000/Cube_World

Is Cube World Coming Out Soon?


The Monthly Update | September 2019


Wollay has been non-stop this month as far as giving us sneak peaks this last month. Which leads me to believe, is Cube World actually coming out soon??? Our first update of the month was in the form of a tweet/youtube upload of the new title screen. This was huge because the new title screen gave us a look at some new structures and some other previously unseen content. This video is shown below. Following this, Wollay updated his twitter banner to the new title screen as well. Wollay then decides he wanted to throw us some of the most amazing sneak peaks of them all and released a 16 minute video of mage game play! This can also be found below. Last but not least, there has been a content update on Cubeworld.com. While Wollay has only added an image to the website, this could be hinting that he is getting prepped to open up cubeworld.com and release the long awaited update.

In PlayCW news, recently thanks to @ChrisMiuchiz we have added a fix to make the server more stable as a whole. Though, if you have been playing at all in the last few days. The server has been constantly attacked by a user who manages to send a packet of data to crash all the clients currently connected to the server. With @ChrisMiuchiz 's help I hope to find a way to keep this from happening but it will take some time to find what the attacker is doing. Thanks for your continuing support!

Update: Thanks to @ChrisMiuchiz, PlayCW is no longer crashing connected clients due to someone attacking the server. The fix has been put live on server and you should no longer experience crashes. Thank you for your patience while we worked on this issue.


Features Coming Soon

  • PlayCW user handler (Still in progress)

Wollay Updates
twitter banner.png

Wollay's teaser have hyped up the Cube World community once again. While I would hate to get everyone's hopes up, I really do think big things are coming soon. Thanks for reading and enjoy your time on the forum.

Wollay We Want The Update!


The Monthly Update | August 2019


Let the late news streak continue for the month of August! I hope everyone had a great month of July. Its been a quiet month besides the very beginning which was covered in last months post as far as updates from Wollay. The forum however, has continued to grow in size steadily. Our member count has more than doubled and unique visitors has hit 2,300 this month. If you have been playing on the community server this month you might have noticed a lot of downtime. This was due to the testing of several different server configurations in order to find what is most stable. After two weeks of testing, PlayCW.com server's the server specs have been upgraded to double what they were before. As for the future of PlayCW, I have been working hard at implementing a user handler in order to provide a better environment on the server and ban users who only intend to bring harm to the server. I hope to have this plugin ready by the end of the month and there will be further announcements in game and on the forum when it is ready.


  • PlayCW.com server has been upgraded and the specs have been doubled!

Features Coming Soon

  • PlayCW user handler to allow for rule enforcement and a more stable server.

Community Images

Submit your images for next month here.

Wollay Images

I hope you all had a great July. As always if you have any suggestions for the forum or community server just let me know in the comments of this post or in your own thread some where on the forum. Thanks for reading and have a great day.

Month 2 Here We Are!

Monthly Update Banner

The Monthly Update | July 2019

Hello everyone! Sorry for the late monthly update post by a few days but better late than never. Plus in these last few days we received a few more screenshots from Wollay! So far the forum has performed pretty much exactly as I have expected it to and that is to act as a resource for people to find information on Cube World. In the last 30 days we have had 1,552 unique visitors to the website. Our member count is currently 51 as of writing this and I am happy with the result. I want to thank everyone who has showed their support thus far and lets keep seeing where Wollay wants to take Cube World and how we can enjoy the game to the fullest in the meantime. As always if you find a feature of the forum not working as intended or if you have an idea for the forum take a look at the CW Forums Discussion & Support section and let us know.


  • Forum Rules have been established and can be found at the bottom of each page or by clicking here.

Features Coming Soon
  • The CWForums Official Server PlayCW.com will see some changes this month to decrease the downtime of the server.

Community Images

Submit your images for next month here.

Wollay Images
Here are the latest images that Wollay has blessed us with!

wollay.jpg wollay2.jpg wollay3.jpg wollay4.jpg

wollay5.jpg wollay6.jpg wollay7.jpg

See everyone again next month for the next monthly update where we can hopefully expect more images from Wollay... But we all know how that sometimes goes. Hope everyone has a great month!
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    May 13, 2019
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